Destiny’s First Tree!

The first tree I chose was the American Sycamore Platanus occidentalis Tree.  I saw this tree in Columbus , Ohio  off of King Ave while I was driving from campus. The tree was standing tall and beautiful on the bridge walk way. 

While I compared the tree characteristics that were mentioned in class I noticed that the tree  leaves arrangement are alternate meaning it has 1 node . The  complexity is simple  because it has one leaf attached to the stalk but at the same time I do believe the tree is also palmate  compound because on line it looked like they have some leave coming from a stalk.

I took the picture while driving therefore I was not able to get a close up on the leaves but I do believe it’s a Plantus occidentalis because of the white trunk. The trunk color is what caught my eye honestly . 

Fun Fact Sycamores is one of the tallest deciduous trees in North America.,have%20as%20massive%20a%20trunk.

Destiny’s Second Tree!

The second tree I chose for this project is the Burgundy redbud tree. I seen the red bud tree out in the oval. The  redbud leaf arrangement are alternate meaning they have one leaf to one node . The complexity is simple meaning it has one leaf to each stalk. The most interesting part about this tee is that the leaves are like dark purple reddish and the leaves are heart shaped. The reason I picked this tree is because the leaves stuck out to me . I thought the leaves would help me identify the tree species easier because of how unique it is.

Truthfully I wish I was closer to the tree to show off the leaves. I clearly didn’t read the assignment before I took my pictures. I just went out into the oval and started to take pictures before my phone died.

One interesting fact about the Burgundy redbud tree is that the tree is also known as the Judas tree . The tree was originally white but when Judas hung himself the tree began to turn red/burgundy according to our first day homework assignment.

Destiny ‘s Third Tree

The third tree I chose is the Pinus Nigra which is also known as Austrian Pine . The reason why I chose this tree is because the leave are green needles. I assumed the needle like from of the trees would help me identify the tree species better. I found the tree in the oval standing tall. The needles are in like whole bunch of green clusters with pines sticking out.

Destiny’s fourth Tree

My fourth tree is a Sephora Sencundiflora ( Texas mountain Laurel. I am hoping that I am identifying this tree correctly. If I compare my picture with google pictures of the Texas mountain they look really similar. The tree was found in the oval little further from the statue. The tree stands tall with beautiful purple flowers draping from the branches. There leaves look leathery and are arranged in opposite meaning there are two leaves to a node.

Another picture.

Destiny’s Fifth tree

Eastern snow ball tree viburnum is my fifth tree. I found this tree on Neil avenue. The reason why I think its the Eastern snow ball because of the this clump of white flowers. The leaves are strongly veined and have an almost and like crinkled appearance. The leaves have three lobes .

Fun fact-This tree can get up to 12 feet tall.’Sterile’&text=Masses%20of%20large%2C%20pure%20white,Deciduous.

Destiny’s’ sixth tree

Vander pyramid pine trees is my sixth tree. I was iffy on a lot of these trees name but this is the tree I was the most iffy on. I do not know why but a Vander Pyramids was my best guess. The leaves look similar like drooping leaves but at the same time they look like needles. When I looked this tree up on google they looked fairly similarly but I have a feeling their different. I found this tree in the oval as well as my other ones.

Fun fact they are called Vander pyramid because they grow so fast into a pyramid form.

Destiny’s Seventh Tree

My seventh tree is a maple tree. I know I took the picture so far back but the tree has light green weaving through out of the tree. Those are helicopter seeds. They are the annoying things that falls all over your yard. The leaves are pinnate, has three single leaves. and the leaf arrangement is alternate. This tree was also found in the oval

Funfact -maple produces the bet syrup.

Destiny’s eighth and last tree!

My last tree I am assuming a pine tree because it has pine cones hanging from it. This tree was found near the oval but closer to the parking lot. It had pinecones and  pine leaves, which are known as needles . The tree are fairly low a and has sharp shape.

Fun fact -Pine trees are considered evergreens because they keep their needles for approximately 2 years